Tuesday, 14 April 2015

April 14th Mousehold Heath

Will and I are doing the first butterfly survey of the year at Mousehold. Unlike the bird surveys we have been doing before, we have to rely on days with warmer weather. We need it to be over a certain temperature to do a butterfly survey and today is a perfect 18°C. We also do these surveys a bit differently to our bird ones. We set off in a different route along the golf course side of the site and divide the site into sections. There is no map to jot the recordings onto like we do for bird surveys, instead Will tallies up the each butterfly from each section of our route.

The Results
It was a slow start with few butterflies to record. By section 6, the butterflies began to be more abundant and active. In the end, we counted a total of 24 individuals made up of; 14 small tortoiseshells, 7 peacocks, 1 green-veined white, 1 large white and 1 comma. Section 7, a fenced up area of wildflowers and gorse (a managed project that Will was part of) was the best with 9 individuals.

We also encounter a lizard, green tiger beetles, willow warblers, rabbits, lots of bumblebees and various wildflowers.

Section 7
Summer Snowflake
Green Alkanet
Garlic Mustard

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