Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April 21st Mousehold Heath

I am with Will at Mousehold for the third bird survey of the year. Will has already done the butterfly survey for this week without me yesterday, so the bird survey is the only one that needs doing this week. A walk around the golf course half of the site and St James' Hill had us record; chaffinches, robins, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, long-tailed tits, blackbirds, chiffchaffs, willow warblers, blackcaps, jays, dunnocks, wrens and a female kestrel that was calling from inside part of the woods before we actually saw her fly away. Not a bad survey which was mostly dominated by five common species (blue tit, great tit, robin, chaffinch and wren).
Blue Tit

Beech Tree with new leaves emerging
Trees were beginning to grow new leaves. I noticed that the birches and chestnuts were starting to get theirs last week and this week some of the chestnuts had candles of flowers emerging. Some of the beeches and sycamores were only just starting to sprout their new leaves in the last few days from what I can tell. Butterflies were also about today with sightings that include speckled wood, small tortoiseshells, brimstones, large and green-veined whites and one holly blue. I also found bluebells and a harlequin ladybird in the woods and one of the peregrines circling around the Cathedral's spire.
Harlequin Ladybird

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