Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sep 6th Norwich

Mute Swan
This afternoon, I went for a short walk along the River Wensum in the city of Norwich with my parents. We started our walk at the other end of the city for a change, from Riverside. The local swans came over to greet us, hopeful of a hand out of food to be thrown into the river for them. In fact, it felt like half the swans were doing a relay race, as they took it in turns to follow us all the way down the river. Every stretch of the river had a swan swimming in it today. In the shade of onshore trees, they really look beautiful and stand out on the sparkling, reflective surface.
A walk in the city would not be complete with pigeons and there were many of them today!

Feral pigeons
Norwich Cathedral
Muscovy  Duck
Common Darter
Dragonflies were darting all over the pond by Cow Tower. One common darter gave us a closer look as it perched on the wooden handrail of the boardwalk bordering the pond. Though it was busy cleaning its huge alien-like eyes, it could still see me approaching even closer with my camera. Eventually, it took off like a helecopter on rocket fuel to join the other dragonflies over the pond.

Look past the reflective sheen of the river's surface and you will notice large shoals of fish. Most of them are probably chub, but I'm not an expert on fish to really know. The local fishermen, on the other hand, are and several of them have came out on this fine day with their rods and were casting their lines in the hope of catching one. Though I think the ones I found here were too small to get them excited over.

Fish everywhere!
Norwich's oldest pub, The Adam and Eve
After a short spell of fish watching alone, I rejoined my parents for a drink at the Adam and Eve. This is Norwich's oldest pub, dating as far back as the 1240's. It was a great way to end a pleasant walk along a fine river in the fine city of Norwich.

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