Tuesday, 26 April 2016

April 26th Waterloo Park

Patches of snow on the roofs this morning
The weather has been odd this week. When I opened my curtains this morning, I was surprised to see that it has snowed overnight. Unfortunately, it has been reduced to tiny patches while I was asleep and these patches were melting away fast, so I had little time left to experience of what is left of this snow. After taking a few shots from my windows, I went out to my local park to how it has effected the wildlife.

Snow patches at Waterloo Park
Melting snow around a stump
Robin with a worm
As I was walking to the entrance of the park, it started to rain! It wasn't to last, but as the weather is behaving strangely this week, I felt as if I was experiencing all four seasons in one day. There was sun, sleet, cold wind and of course, more rain. Inbetween the showers, the birds were busy feeding on the ground. This robin found a very juicy worm and was wrestling with it. It won and the robin took it away to what I expect is its nest to feed its young hidden deep inside a shrub. I also found a starling with a caterpillar in a tree before it took it underneath the roof tiles of someone's house. Spring was here after all!

Starling with a caterpillar
Blue Tit
There were other signs of spring in the park from blossom to singing birds, even though the cold wind and sleet made me think it was winter again. What a strange day!
Cherry Blossom
Great Tit

House Sparrow

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