Friday, 3 June 2016

June 3rd Mousehold Heath

Another dull grey day, just as it has been all week, but this has not discouraged Will and I from doing a bird survey at Mousehold Heath this afternoon. Though the birds were singing much less now, there were still plenty to listen to. We heard a lot of the usual suspects such as robins, blackbirds, wrens, blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits, blackcaps, treecreepers, chaffinches, chiffchaffs and the odd dunnock, greenfinch and house sparrow. As well as songs and the more recognisable calls, we also could hear plenty of short, high-pitched contact calls that many birds use to communicate with their young to warn them of danger in a subtle way. I could also hear some chicks calling for attention. Both these sounds indicate that there are nests nearby.

Willow Warbler
Walking around an area of gorse and heather, I spotted a small bird sitting on a gorse branch with food items in its bill (mostly spiders). This was a willow warbler. We watched it for a while to see where its nest was and it went down into a clump of heather close to the path. I couldn't really see the nest, but I expect it was there somewhere. Will told me he'll check it out later.

Carrion Crow
We also found this crow in a bush close to one of the paths in the woods. I'm a little concerned about it as it looked like it couldn't fly properly. We stepped closer to it, but it just leapt off the branch and crashed down to the ground amongst the brambles. I'm not sure if this was a young crow or one that is injured. It was best not to do anything so that if it was young bird, its parent can find it. If this was an injured bird, I expect Will may check on it later as well.



Chaffinch having a bath in a puddle

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