Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Nov 15th Mousehold Heath

Moth Night at Mousehold in November!
It may seem a strange time of year for a moth evening, but that is why I am at Mousehold Heath tonight. Just because it is November doesn't mean you will catch nothing at all. You'd be pleasantly surprised in fact. It turned out to be a fine night for sitting around the light of the moth trap. It was rather mild with only a slight chill in the air and with the nights longer, we started at 4:30pm until 7pm. Even with the perfect conditions, though, it was still a long wait until we finally had the first moth of the night.

December Moth
This first moth turned out to be the best moth of the night. It was a December moth, a moth that actually is more on the wing in November than December. It really is beautiful to look at and that furry body appears rather cosy enough to keep it warm on much colder nights.

Winter Moth (we think)
In total, we only caught three moths tonight. As expected for this time of year. The second moth of the night is still a mystery as it would not open its wings, but we think its a winter moth (not the most original of names, I know). The third was extremely tiny (a micro moth) and after some close examination of its wings for the tiniest of detail, we came to the conclusion that it was a London dowd moth.

London Dowd
The Moon

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