Sunday, 4 December 2016

Dec 4th Waterloo Park

It has been a nice sunny morning and with not much to do, I went out for a walk around my local park for some fresh air. Apart from the families and dog walkers, it was fairly peaceful at Waterloo Park today. The birds were very active during my walk, though slightly camera shy as they spent most of their time behind cover that obstructed my camera's focus.

Blackbirds appeared to be everywhere I looked during my walk. It seemed like there were at least four or five of these birds in nearly every bush or tree. This behaviour could only mean that they are not from around here. The majority of these birds are more than likely from across Continental Europe, especially from Scandinavia as they have dark or black bills. The yellow-billed residents are more territorial, so I guess they are not too happy about their European cousins for popping over to escape the harsher winters for our more milder ones and to feast on their berry supplies. Confrontation was inevitable and I saw a few chases around the park, not that these invaders took any notice as they continued to flock together.

Also seen today were blue tits, great tits, a coal tit, dunnocks, a song thrush, collard doves, magpies, carrion crows, a pied wagtail, a jay, a couple of starlings and a squirrel.
Courting Feral Pigeons
Pied Wagtail
Grey Squirrel
Collard Dove

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