Monday, 1 May 2017

April 29th Dyrham Park

My brother, who works for the army, has recently been insistent that I come visit him and his family in Wiltshire to do some wildlife watching. So on Friday night, I travelled all the way from Norwich with my parents to their house at Buckley Barracks for the weekend. It was nice to see him, his wife and my baby niece, Ava, again and to spend some time with them.

Fallow Deer
On Saturday, we were at Dyrham Park for a picnic and to see the fallow deer that roam the estate. When I was last here back in October, the deer were rutting and were very active and vocal. Now, about 7 months on, it is much of a peaceful scene. The majority of the bucks have now shed their antlers, leaving only a pair of stumps at the top of their heads. They do this every year during spring with a new pair sprouting out and become fully complete ready for the next rut. Antlers are made of bone, making them the fastest growing bone structures in the natural world!
We also explored the gardens around Dyrsham Hall, seeing all sorts of spring plants in flower as well as the bee hives buzzing with activity and the ponds full of tadpoles.

Dyrham Hall in bloom!
Honey Bee
Dandelion clock


Horse Chestnut Tree in bloom
Yellow Dung-fly

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