Sunday, 23 July 2017

July 23rd Waterloo Park

Caught in the rain at Waterloo Park
I went for a short walk around my local park this afternoon. It started ok, but then it began to rain. Wearing only a fleece, I was not dressed for this sudden downpour. Luckily, I managed to reach the pavilion at the centre of the park in time to shelter underneath it before it really threw it down. I had no choice but to wait it out. Thankfully, after about ten to fifteen minutes, it did ease off and the sun was shining once again. As soon as the rain cleared, the birds and insects were back into action like nothing had happened. It was business as usual for them. Butterflies, such as meadow browns, small tortoiseshells and large whites were fluttering over the flowerbeds, while coal tits and other birds were singing from the trees. I even saw some house martins swooping low over the playing fields. A completely different scene to a few minutes earlier. And then, the sun vanished yet again as the rain clouds rolled back in. A cue for me to leave for home before it got any worse.
Honey Bee
Ladybird larva
Black-headed Gulls
Herring Gull
Coal Tit
Juvenile Goldfinch
Collard Dove
A section of a 'fairy ring' of toadstools (not sure what kind though)
Shaggy Parasol

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