Monday, 7 August 2017

Aug 7th Holt Country Park

Heather in bloom at Holt Country Park
I went for a short walk at Holt Country Park this morning. I wanted to see the silver-washed fritillaries, but it was really cloudy while I was at the park and not sunny enough for them. So, I decided to go and explore the heathland area on the other side of the park's fenced borders instead. This area is looking rather colourful at the moment with large sections of purple from the flowering heathers covering the landscape.
The pond at Holt Country Park
Red Admiral
Some kind of Hoverfly?
Hornet Hoverfly

Digger Wasp
It wasn't the brightest of days for the more sun-loving of the heathland species found here to be as active, but I still enjoyed watching the digger wasps enter their holes that they dug along the paths. I also saw a few linnets and gatekeepers perching and fluttering around the gorse and lone standing trees. This area is a bit of a hot spot for adders, too, but sadly, I was unable to find one today. However, I did spot this rather interesting plant. Due to the shape of the flowers, I thought it was an orchid at first. It turns out that this is wood sage, a member of the mint family.

Meadow Brown

Wood Sage

Some kind of Toadstool

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