Thursday, 19 February 2015

Feb 19th Walsingham Abbey

Have you ever had one of those days where it was nice and sunny when you set out to a destination, then it becomes a wash out when you get there, while walking around snowy ground? That is exactly what happened to me. Well, tell a lie, the snow part wasn't actually snow but snowdrops. Thousands of snowdrops, covering 20 acres of land. I have come for walk with my parents around Walsingham Abbey, renowned for its amazing snowdrop display.

When we left for Walsingham, the weather was bright and cheerful. It was looking promising. As we got there, clouds began to form and started to rain. The rain got worse and worse as we walked around the snowdrops. We got a bit wet. But enough of the weather. The snowdrops are the main talking point here. The sight of a carpet of fake snow across 20 acres made you forget about the awfulness of the rain (well until it got really bad anyway).

There are many variaties of snowdrop in this vast display, all mingled together. The majority of the spaces between the trees was covered white. A stream cuts through them and under a small arched stone bridge. It was almost a perfect snowy winter scene if it wasn't for patches of yellow winter alconites.
Me in snowdrop heaven

Winter Alconites
Taking a closer look at snowdrop level, the appearance of the blanket of snow melts into individual 'flakes' elevated on the ends of green stalks. They now become transformed into a million fairies with petals like delicate white butterfly wings, bouncing slightly whenever a breath of wind hits them. Trees become giant towers from a snowdrop point of view and the stream becomes as wide as  the English Channel with snowdrops waving from the otherside. If it wasn't for the rain making me feel wet, I could stay on this level for a while longer.

My parents on the bridge to more snowdrops

Walsingham Abbey

The Abbey and Snowdrops
Leaves of Lords and Ladies
Bracket fungus of some kind
Hazel catkins


  1. It's been ages since I last visited Walsingham. What a beautiful display of snowdrops, looks like you had fun!