Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March 31st Waterloo Park, Norwich

I went for a quick walk around my local park this morning to see the colours of blossom on the trees. It was pretty blustery today and I was amazed that there was any blossom at all, as I thought the strong winds have blown them completely off the trees. I think the majority of the trees here are cherry of one kind or another. The whites and pinks of the blossom petals swirl in the wind, often merging with each other if the trees are next to one another. I was disappointed, however, as there is an avenue of pink cherry trees at the main entrance to the park, but none of them are in bloom yet. They are quite a sight when they do.

There was more than just blossom that caught my eye. There was a small number of birds braving the windy conditions. A big carrion crow was feeding on something it found on a small tree and two mistle thrushes were on a playing field worming between the football goals. It was interesting watching them peer down on the ground with one eye looking for worms to emerge from the ground, brought up by the bird's movements. They seemed to be coping even if the wind threatened to sweep them away.
Carrion Crow
Mistle Thrush

On the wall of the stairwell leading to my flat, I notice a moth and a woodlouse safely sheltered from the blasts of strong wind. There's a couple of lights by the door of my apartment and it is no surprise that it attracts moths. The moth turns out to be an Early Grey.
Early Grey Moth

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