Sunday, 21 June 2015

June 20th & 21st Mousehold Heath

Saturday night was the second moth night at Mousehold Heath. Fourteen people turned up (including me, Will the Mousehold warden and Dad) for what was a slow start, a good middle and a soggy end. It took a while for the moths to arrive and when they did, they arrived in good numbers. Unfortunately, it did not last as the heavens opened with flashes of lightning in the background around 11:30pm. Rain stops play for the night and we had to abandon the event.

Will turned up the next day, like last time, to give me a better look at what we managed to catch last night. A few of them are yet to be identified and had us scratching our heads to what they could be.
Scalloped Shell
Heart and Dart
Riband Wave
Oak Tree Tortrix
Marbled Minor
Marbled Brown
Garden Carpet
Brown Silverlines
Borderd White
Barred Fruit Tree Moth
Flame Shoulder
Clouded Silver

Before we had a look at the moths, Will took me over to Mousehold for a butterfly survey. The clouds did cover over the sun on occasion, but it wasn't a bad survey with 14 individual butterflies recorded, which included large skippers, speckled woods, meadow brown, red admirals, large white and small tortoiseshells. Best of all though was a green hairstreak, one of the late emerging individuals.

Large Skipper
Green Hairstreak
Female Black-tailed Skimmer

Common Blue Damselfly (we think)

Bell Heather

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