Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sep 12th Mousehold Heath

It was the last moth evening event of the year at Mousehold tonight. It was a chilly night and only the usual faces turned up (six of us in total), but we still had some interesting moths. We began at 7:30pm tonight and the moths were slow to arrive to begin with, then as the night went on, the moths just kept coming. Though there weren't any large moths like hawkmoths and most of them were light emeralds, but there were some rarther beautiful species to look at. We also watched a bat circling around us before the night truly set in. Here's what we saw tonight...

Square-spot Rustic
Large Yellow Underwing
Green Carpet
Light Emerald
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Large Yellow Underwing
Beautiful China-mark
Willow Beauty
A worn Willow Beauty

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  1. Love the lesser swallow prominent - such beautiful markings!