Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dec 30th Strumpshaw Fen

As 2015 is drawing to an end, I am at Strumpshaw one last time before the year is over. It was a pretty windy day for my final shift of the year and there wasn't much to see because of these stormy conditions. My best highlight of the day was a female kestrel sitting in a tree in the woods. She sat there for a few minutes before she finally noticed me and took off.

Great Tit
Ducks at Reception Hide
In front of Reception Hide this morning, there were ducks everywhere on the lake. Mallards, gadwalls, teals and shovelers with several coot. They took advantage of sheltering from the wind by mating, feeding, preening and sleeping. It was a sleepy view to watch during my shift and even my Aunt Barbara, who came for another visit, was getting tired watching them. Good job there were a few marsh harriers soaring around to spice things up. They seem to love flying in these strong gusts as if flying for fun than to actually hunt anything. Not the most exciting end to Strumpshaw Fen 2015, but it has been another great year here. As well as swallowtails, Norfolk hawkers, kingfishers, otters, marsh harriers and bitterns (which gave me a few really close views this year), if I had to choose a couple of highlights of my year at Strumpshaw, then it would have to be the water shrew in September and the short-eared owl in November (which was sadly found dead the next day). Let's hope 2016 will be as amazing!
Marsh Harrier

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  1. Lovely photos and a great year. Look forward to seeing what you find next year. Happy New Year!