Thursday, 17 December 2015

Highly Commended!

Hi guys, just a quick note. I have just found out that BBC Wildlife Magazine has made me as one of their highly commended blogs in their Local Patch Reporter Awards. Click here for yourselves

Throughout this past year, I have been posting updates to them about my blog and about the things I have been seeing and doing. Unfortunately, I have had technical issues doing this recently and have been unable to update anymore. So I am very pleased about being picked for their awards despite this set back. Thank you the viewers for your support. I am so glad that you are enjoying my content and I will hope you will continue doing so into the new year. Thank you all so much.

[Note: The technical issues are over! I am back in business!]


  1. Well done Sean. Deserved recognition for your efforts.

  2. Thanks Barry. Also congrates on getting blog of the month! You should buy the latest issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine as you are in it!

  3. Ha ha! They actually sent me a free copy. Be interesting to see if I get more traffic - doubt it, but you never know.

  4. Congratulations Sean. I very much enjoy reading your blog and am very pleased for you to read about your well deserved award .I already read and enjoy Barry's blog too, so congratulations to him, as well . Best wishes, Carol Baldock ( nee Rushton ) :)