Tuesday, 14 June 2016

June 14th Mousehold Heath

Carrion Crow
This evening, I helped Will with the final bird survey of the year at Mousehold Heath. The evening chorus can be as good as the dawn chorus sometimes, especially after a downpour. Song thrushes were the most notable songsters tonight as we could hear several individuals giving it their awe with loud three noted phrases penetrating through the canopy. Also singing tonight were blackbirds, blackcaps, wrens, chiffchaffs, dunnocks, long-tailed tits, a few robins, blue tits, goldfinches, chaffinches, a whitethroat and we even heard a single yaffle of a green woodpecker. The willow warbler was also about in the same spot of gorse and heather as the other week delivering food to its nest site.
Blue Tit

Kestrel chicks
While doing the survey, Will spotted something peeking out of one of the nest boxes in the wood. We got up onto higher ground for a better look at a reasonable distance. He was right! There, peering out of the hole were two young bird heads. I believe that these were kestrel chicks, maybe a few weeks old. We shall keep a close eye on them and I will update you on any news when I get it. What a way to round off the bird survey season!

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