Tuesday, 5 July 2016

July 5th Norwich

A mating pair of Hornet Clearwings
Hornet Clearwings are impressive looking insects. They are large moths with black and yellow stripes and wasp-like wings, mimicking a hornet. When you look like a hornet, most predators will often think twice when thinking about eating you. It is a cunning disguise. It is something I would like to see for myself. I didn't know where to find one until I learned from my friend David last year that there was a small colony in the trees of a recreation field just down the road from where I live. For David, the field is even closer to his house, so he promised me that he'd give me a call when he sees one this year.

As I was writing up last night's nightjar adventure at Buxton Heath this morning, my phone rang. "Hello?"
"Hi Sean, it's David. I've got some!"

This was all I needed to hear to make me stop what I was doing. I quickly put my shoes and fleece on, grabbed my camera and ran out of the door of my flat. It was only round the corner, but as unfit as I am, the short run was enough to knacker me out. I met up with David and he showed me two mating hornet clearwings on the trunk of one tree and another lone moth on a different tree close by. They were worth the exhaustion getting there and as impressive as I had imagined. It was a bit overcast this morning with a slight breeze, but these moths seem to prefer it when its like this. They were posing perfectly for me. After a quick look at them and the holes they made in the tree which they created as caterpillars borrowing inside it, I made my way back home with a gentle stroll this time.

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