Monday, 19 December 2016

Dec 19th Holkham Bay and Hall

Holkham Bay
Holkham Bay has been in my mind recently. For nearly a month now, a flock of about 30 plus shore larks have been regularly seen flittering across the beach here and I thought it was about time I paid a visit to look for them. So today, Mum and I wandered around the salt marshes and dunes for an hour and a bit. Unfortunately, our efforts were for nothing as we couldn't find these horned yellow-headed beauties anywhere. They were either well hidden or had fled from the many dogs that were running all over the place. It was a bit of a wasted journey, but at least we did see flocks of brent geese grazing on the salt marsh and there were also meadow pipits, redshanks, linnets and an oystercatcher hiding within the grass too. Out at sea, I saw a great crested grebe preening itself and there were flocks of pink-footed geese flying around as well as a large flock of wigeon grazing in the field beside the car park.
Brent Geese


Great Crested Grebe
Fallow Deer
 For lunch, we drove up the road and onto the Holkham Hall estate. After lunch, we had a quick look at the fallow deer before leaving for home. They were spread out everywhere across the grounds, but though the rut was now over, I could still hear them calling to one another with barks and grunts. These were just contact calls than anything else. Those scenes of masculinity from a couple of months ago are replaced with something more peaceful as they all grazed together in harmony without any sign of aggression amongst the males.

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