Friday, 13 January 2017

Jan 13th Waterloo Park

It is one of those bizarre things when one minute you glance out of the window and see a normal, everyday scene and then glance out again a few minutes later to se this happening. Its snowing! The ground was suddenly covered in the stuff in a matter of minutes.

Snowy scenes at Waterloo Park

So I decided to have a walk around my local park to take some photos after the weekly shopping session. The snow was falling out of the sky quite heavily at this point and my clothes were starting to get dusted in snowflakes the instant I walked out of my apartment. The scenes at the park was wonderful like a winter wonderland. The birds were elusive and difficult to photograph in these conditions, wisely sheltering within the dense tangle of branches. It was rather frustrating.

Collard Dove
It is worth mentioning that today is Friday the 13th, a day of bad superstition and bad luck. I soon discovered that this was true. Cameras and moisture do not mix and the longer it is exposed to it, the chances of things going wrong is high. This was what I found out while walking around the park today. Some moisture has gotten into the lens mechanics within the camera and now it will not work at all! I have managed to retrieve the photos from the camera and these photos that you can see here may very well be the last ever taken from it. All I can do now is hope and pray the camera dries out and work again, otherwise I will need to get a new one (if I can afford one). Could this be the end of the Autistic Naturalist? I hope not.

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