Monday, 9 January 2017

The Great East Anglian Bug Hunt 2017

This year I have set myself with a challenge to explore the world of the invertebrate on my blog. I will be searching as many habitats for as many species of insect, spider, mollusc and other creepy crawlies. As well as this, I have made myself a tick list with at least 32 target species that I want to see throughout the year across the East Anglian region (Norfolk and Suffolk mainly). I have been working on it all weekend and I can add more to it if needed. Some of these targets are easy and widespread, while others are rare and localised. Here's my list...

If you have any more suggestions or can help me out with information in finding them. For example, if you live where stag beetles are (Ipswich and Colchester are hotspots as far as I've heard), can you alert me when they emerge and where they are? I appreciate any help you can give me. This is a project I really want to share and explore with you, the viewer. I hope you will follow every step of the way.

On top of the whole list thing, I also have planned other projects including a few involving Strumpshaw Fen and Mousehold Heath as well as hopefully raising some moth caterpillars from some eggs that I've found. Let's hope everything goes to plan!

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