Saturday, 11 March 2017

My 31st Birthday

Blowing out the candles
Today is my 31st birthday. I am pleased to say that after most of two days on the loo with a nasty stomach bug, I am feeling a lot better to celebrate it. As I am a Norwich City fan and they were playing home against Blackburn, I went to watch them draw 2-2 in a frustrating match instead of going out to bird watch. I then had a meal at a restaurant with my parents before heading back to my flat for cake. Mum made it for me, but she admits it wasn't the best she's ever done. At least it tasted better than it looked.

My 31st birthday cake
It has been a slightly forgettable birthday compared to last year, but at least Norwich didn't lose and the meal was good. I also had plenty of nice cards, including this unique one from my parents that I liked a lot. 
My parents' unique card

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