Friday, 28 April 2017

April 28th Mousehold Heath

Common Plume Moth
Last night, I helped out with the first moth evening of the year at Mousehold for a talk on moths for this morning. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a very cold, damp night for it and we didn't get a single moth. So today, we still had moth expert Peter do a talk about these nocturnal insects to a small group using his photos and book illustrations. Thankfully, someone did bring a plume moth with them, so it wasn't completely moth-less.

Common Nettle-tap

After the talk, we went for a quick walk around St James' Hill to see if we could find any day-flying moths. Despite a short April shower, it was mostly sunny, so we were still hopeful of finding something at least. In the end, we found a few tiny micro moths (the really, really small ones) including a few common nettle-taps. Here's what else we saw this morning...

Some kind of fly
Apple blossom
Female Orange-tip
St Mark's Fly on Alexanders
Meadow Saxifrage
Carrion Crow

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