Saturday, 29 August 2015

Aug 28th Norwich

Moth trapping at Will's
My parents and I were invited to Will the Mousehold Heath warden's BBQ party at his place. It was quite a turn up with a few familiar faces from Mousehold as well as some of Will's other friends and family. The BBQ was good with so much to eat that I soon felt full to burst. As it got dark, Will brought out the entertainment, the moth trap. We caught a few things but I was having problems with my camera. It just does not like the dark and bright or dull artificial lights and the images just came out fuzzy. These were the best out of the shots I managed to get.
Orange Swift

Old Lady
The highlight of the evening was an old lady moth. This was a big moth and took a while to capture it. Once we all had a good look at it, I brought it inside to Will's kitchen for some shots. It would not keep still and my shots were terrible. Taking the lid off the pot was a bad idea and it flew around the kitchen. Thankfully, it only went as far as the kitchen window and it settled down, posing well. Instead of retrieving the moth off the window, I decided to take more photos. They were still bad though. I ended up using the flash and I got this great shot. I don't like to use the flash on wildlife as I fear it will harm or terrify them, so I use it only as a last resort.

Back home, I found this canary-shouldered thorn outside my front door. It must know I'm a Norwich City fan!
Canary-shouldered Thorn

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