Friday, 5 May 2017

Goodbye Big Tree

My favourite Beech Tree in it's prime
A giant has fallen this week. I am sad to say that my neighbourhood will feel a little empty without it's towering presence. My favourite tree, a magnificent beech tree with a brilliant set of roots, on Elm Grove Lane has been felled. The local council has decided that it had to go. Why? I'm not completely sure. On close inspection of my photo of the men chopping sections of it up, it might be due to honey fungus as it looks like the trunk was starting to be hollowed out at the centre. During the autumn, I did see some fruiting bodies of this tree-killing fungus.

The sad sight this morning

Cutting up what remained
My drawing of it in my 2013-14 wildlife diary
This tree was loved by most people who live in this neighbourhood and I am one of it's great admirers. It was here long before I moved into my flat in 2008 and I expect it was here long before I was born too. Though I do not know this tree's history, it has made an impact on me. A few years ago, I decided to draw it out of sheer admiration. It was even more spectacular in it's autumnal colours when the leaves turn orange-bronze, littering the side of the road where it stood. It's roots were like a latticed maze that seemed to push the giant even higher above the surrounding houses. It was a truly magnificent sight as I travel pass it nearly every day. I am going to miss it dearly and I am glad to see that I am not the only one after seeing a couple of messages from the local children hung around it's stump. Goodbye Big Tree.

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