Wednesday, 18 July 2018

July 18th Strumpshaw Fen

Dry scenes outside Fen Hide!
We're in a bit of a dry spell here in Norfolk. It hasn't rained enough for the entire month so far. The grass has dried up and looks dead and the water levels are looking worryingly low at Strumpshaw today. Though the broad outside Reception Hide is fairing a little better, over at Fen Hide, the pool there really has shrunk to nearly nothing. And while it is nice to have a warm, sunny summer for a change, I'm really missing the traditional British summer. We need rain!

Grey Herons
The combination of the dry scenes and the warm weather has made it a fairly uneventful and quiet morning. Apart from seeing more herons than I can count, a few little egrets, a family of marsh harriers being passed food in mid-air by their parents, many swallows and scruffy looking ducks in their summer plumage and a few reed warblers, this morning made me felt rather sleepy. The insects were more active with a large variety of butterflies, dragonflies and bees on the wing, busy pollinating what few flowers that remained. However, not even they could keep me from almost drifting off. All I want to do is dream of the return of the wet weather we British talk about the most. Maybe I should do a rain dance?

Little Egret


A family of Marsh Harriers doing a food pass
Marsh Sowthistle
Rosebay Willowherbs

Red Admiral
Large Red-eyed Damselfly

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