Saturday, 7 July 2018

July 7th Norwich

Male Vapourer Moth
While preparing myself for the big match today, I had my friend David make an unexpected visit to my flat. He had a couple of goodies to show me that he had found at his house and wanted me to ID them. First up was this smart looking vapourer moth with his feathery antennas and white spots on his brown wings. I've seen the caterpillars plenty of times, but never seen an adult male before. The females, on the other hand, are wingless and require a lot of searching to find one of them.

What is this beetle?
The other creature that David brought over for me was this beetle. He believed it could be a lesser stag beetle, but I have seen lesser stag beetles before and this was definitely not one. I'm not really sure what it is, but I'm thinking it has a body shape to be one of the 83 species of scarab beetles. If you have any idea what this is, please let me know.

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