Friday, 22 June 2018

My London Adventure (Part 3)

Fallow Deer at Richmond Park
My final day in London was meant to be a day of visiting the Natural History Museum and other attractions based in central London. However, Mum's leg was playing up and she was finding it difficult to walk even to the nearest underground station. So, we ended up driving around Richmond Park instead. It proved to be a great substitute location. This national nature reserve seemed like the wildest place in the capital with its many acres of grassland and ancient woodland. It felt like a country park than a place that's part of this very busy city. It is also a place famous for it's herds of fallow and red deer that are extremely use to people. At times it was like a safari park as the deer grazed by the roadside. While we were here, I also went in search for stag beetles that supposedly inhabit the many fallen dead wood that the staff here leave to rot to encourage the beetles thrive, but I had no such luck. I think it was because it is now pretty late in the year for them. My stag beetle hunt goes on for another year, I guess.
Red Deer
Grassland and ancient woodland
London's cityscape
Grey Squirrel
Bumblebee and Foxglove

Large Skipper
No Stag Beetles, but I did find this interesting bee on the dead wood
Peregrine that I found on a TV aerial atop of neighbouring tower block to our hotel

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